Iggy’s opened it’s doors in 1995 as a place were people could come in and escape from the norm and get a friendly handshake as a welcome and made no excuses for it! It was the Customers who quickly became regulars that made the atmosphere fantastic on a nightly basis.

To All those who have helped create and maintain Iggy’s as a staple of New York City, We thank you!! But as the years progressed so did Iggy’s, managing the entire time to keep it’s great atmosphere intact if not more electric!!

Typical of a thriving New York City bar, Iggy’s is fast becoming a melting pot of unique cultures, musical tastes and differing styles on stage, hosting a variety age groups meaning an accommodating and enjoyable environment for every type of customer.

We are a full scale bar open from 12Noon until 4 A.M, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!! With 14 beautiful Flat Screen TVs and Large Projector Screen in back showing all sports games from Direct TV and Time Warner! We are more than a karaoke bar/lounge. The Sports stay on the Tvs All Night!!! So Don’t worry about missing your game!!!

The entire bar has been re-vamped from floor to ceiling….literally!! With our new wooden floors and newly decorated ceilings consisting of home made art and stylish new ceiling fans. After 18 years of partying it has been given a little TLC and a major face-lift Two brand new bar tops, 24 taps of the best beers you could want thanks to our brand new beer cooling system and 4 Beer Towers. But if you don’t crave a beer, don’t despair, we have delicious cider, great wines and a range of tasty cocktails waiting to be made!
Now with a hundred foot long bar (one of the longest if not the longest in the City) with bar seats all the way down it, opens up to a large room with a mixture of elevated and low tables and seating on each side. The large space in the middle quickly becomes the mingling area/dance floor. As we say ”Get your Groove on!!”

For the Karaoke lovers among you, you may take center stage at the back of the room beside our DJ booth which faces the crowded dancefloor, where open Karaoke takes precedence from 7.30 PM nightly And You And Your Friends Are The Stars!!!

And remember, DON’T be nervous!! Support is all around!! We have a Huge Variety of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Soft Rock, Classics, Oldies, Reggae, Disco, Soul, Country, R ‘n’ B and so on…..you name it we probably have it! Our DJs have a vast amount of songs to choose from!

Not to forget that our cast of international staff from all corners of the globe are some of the friendliest and most accommodating you will ever meet!!!
Here at Iggy’s we firmly believe we can compete with the best and most successful bars in all of New York City!!

So whether you are just coming down with a few friends or a large party we can accommodate!!! The only things COLDER than our beer is our refreshing new A/C units and ceiling fans so come on in, relax and enjoy the surroundings in our beautiful bar! And just remember, no matter how you are feeling, good or bad, at the end of the day there is always Iggy’s.
Our friendly staff are there for you!! And don’t forget, Iggy’s gives back! Check our fundraising page.